HOPS® 2011 Food for Thought Series is hosted by HOPS Technology Incorporated (HTI), in this celebratory year when the company passes a decade of utilizing HOPS® to proactively impact Customers, Vendors, and Partners for good!  Founder Pamla Winther and a small but growing HOPS® Team look forward to demonstrating what HOPS’ proactivity can amass through this inspirational series of events, for its valued network of recipients. 

Hands On Proactive Strategy (HOPS®) is a  methodology for empowering how business people communicate, standardize their work, and collaborate for impressive results and sustained performance.  HOPS® leads teams in creating their blueprint of work excellence through:

  •  Talk, Write, Agree – training in method for documenting key communication and collaboration;
  •  Key Contributions – articulation of (each) team member’s part, into easy-to-use work processes; 
  • Team Genius – spiraling-up individual greatness for collective team output; and
  •  Sustained Performance – creating a pattern for continual success.
    HOPS® tangible takeaways are the mindset, tools, and knowhow needed to achieve and sustain desired performance from any seat in the organization.

 Be sure to attend these unique, 90 minute retreats.  Unplug from your typical lunch hour and plug into  HOPS® lunch with a side of inspiration, designed to be your monthly stop-off to relax, refocus, and rejuvenate yourself …and your team or lucky associates with whom you choose to share HOPS®!